Marble Long Island

From countertops to flooring, marble adds class and style to any home. A natural stone, marble is easy to care for and very durable. Add other decorative elements such as area rugs, beautiful cabinet knobs and pulls, curtains and drapes to instantly update and transform a drab space into a lively and interesting room.

Decorating with Marble Long Island

Marble comes in many different shades, both light and dark. Typically used as flooring, this natural stone can add texture to any room. Expect each tile to be a little different in color – most natural stones have subtle color differences, even if cut from the same slab. That’s just part of the beauty natural stone provides.
Choose room accents such as lighting, rugs, furniture patterns, and wall decorations with marble floors in mind. Most decorative styles – from traditional to modern – will benefit from marble long island flooring. This is one of the main reasons why people choose marble – it matches just about any décor!
Take advantage of the floor’s natural shine by leaving some of the flooring exposed rather than completely filling the room with furniture and rugs. Let guests see the wonderful flooring when they enter the home.

Care and Maintenance of Marble

Wash marble floors using a light detergent and soft cloth or mop. Brush the floor, but do not allow water to pool or gather in the corners of the room as this could lead to discoloration. Clean up water and food spills immediately to prevent permanent damage.
Do not use heavy waxes or floor treatments on natural stone. Polished marble, when cared for properly, will maintain its shine without the need of any chemicals.
Vacuum area rugs often to remove dirt and debris that could scratch marble floors.