Premier Discount Tile Retailer On Long Island

Affordable Home Expo offers an array of products for the home. Our professional staff knows everything from floor to ceiling. Consumers can find attractive products ranging from stone tiles and wall coverings to pedestal sinks and shower drains. We handle everything from medicine cabinets to ethanol fireplaces along with the latest marble flooring and tile designs.

Premier Tile Retailer On Long Island

Cancos Tile Long Island

Affordable Home Expo supplies and installs Canco tile products, the best glass counter tiles, wall tiles and mosaic floors in the world. The products from Canco are both eco-friendly and beautiful, making it the leader in the industry. At affordable Home Expo in Long Island, consumers discover a wide assortment of Canco products, and the expert staff can solve any problem and answer any question about installation and maintenance of Canco products. When homeowners need to get the job done right, they should contact Affordable Home Expo.
Canco fabricates granite, marble and stone kitchen counter-tops and offers consumers beautiful, hardwearing material for their walls, floors, and counter-tops. With materials from glass to marble, the installers put down surfaces that are durable and capable of handling any impact. The craftsmanship at Affordable Home Expo is the best. High quality decorative tiles give your home a distinctive look.

Discount Tile Installation Long Island

Discount Tile Installation Long Island

At Affordable Home Expo, our staff is abreast of the latest technological advances in all tiles, floors, walls and counter-tops, and we install a large array of decorative patterns with excellent results. We work with today’s adhesives and install separated gout tiles, natural tiles with uneven widths or lengths and much more. Best of all, we are affordable.
Whether it is natural stone tiles or uniform mosaic tiles, no job is too big or too little for the Affordable Home Expo people. We take all the steps necessary to get the job done right the first time. Affordable Home Expo installs tiles and fixtures in any space, from large rooms to small, and from kitchens to bathrooms. We install printed tiles and custom designed tiles with an appreciation for the wide range of new products.

Roma Tile Long Island

Affordable Home Expo handles the Roma Tile and marble products with their great array of products. With a focus on combining function and style, Roma Tile supplies everything from granite floor tiles to quartz stone counter tops. Roma Tiles offers an enormous selection of tiles and natural products.

Ceramic Tile Long Island

Ceramic tile offers a tremendous value for the money when you include how easy it is to clean and maintain. Because it is so sturdy, waterproof and attractive, you really can’t go wrong with ceramic tile. Affordable Home Expo offers a large array of ceramic tile products and our expert staff installs it with confidence.
Hard ceramic lends itself to many uses in the home. Affordable Home Expo’s talented staff knows all the variety of ceramic tile products and the best use of each type, and they install it too. We are the experts in ceramic tile in Long Island.
Whatever your tile needs, contact Affordable Home Expo during the project planning stage. Call us and ask our expert opinion on everything from steam showers and kitchen faucets too. As the experts on tile floor and wall covering, we offer the best solutions to your project problems.