Granite Long Island, New York

Kitchen workspaces, bathroom vanities, fireplace mantels, formal entryways, or as decorative wall art – we believe granite Long Island makes every home even more beautiful. With hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, it’s very easy to instantly update any room with granite.


Choosing the Right Granite

With so many color/pattern options to choose from, we understand how people easily become frustrated or overwhelmed. Consider other elements in the room to make this decision a little easier – flooring, cabinetry, finishes, wall color – all these elements should complement each other in some way. Dark floors, for example, may benefit from lighter granite and cabinets.
Choose a pattern that is pleasing to the eye. Some people like eye-catching streaks of color, while other people prefer more muted, subtle stripes throughout.

Granite Slab vs. Granite Tile

Granite slabs reduce the number of visible seams on countertops. Most people use slabs rather than tile for kitchen workspaces and bathroom vanities. Depending on the room style, granite tiles create a unique look on countertops – but will have multiple visible seams, which may be difficult to maintain.
Granite tile may be used for floors, stairways, fireplaces, and other areas in the home. Cut granite tile into different shapes to create interesting wall art or floor patterns.

Tips For Granite Long Island Maintenance

Tips For Granite Long Island Maintenance

To maintain clean, polished surfaces and floors, use a cleaner specifically for granite. Typically found in home improvement stores or online, these cleaners won’t scratch or stain granite surfaces. Use a soft cloth to remove dust. Clean up food and water spills as soon as possible to avoid permanent stains.
If maintained properly, granite countertops and other surfaces should remain bright and beautiful for many years to come.