Gas Fireplace Long Island style

Living or vacationing on Long Island combines luxury with sensational, seasonal temperatures. This area in particular, offers people the quintessential comfort of enjoying cozy, beachfront winters in snug-style. The colder months can be rather chilly, with average temperatures averaging around the mid-30’s. Fortunately, this is the perfect opportunity for Long Island-worthy ambiance. Incorporating a gas fireplace into residential design means combining practical warmth with gorgeous aesthetic appeal.
The look of professional interior design can be achieved effectively by working in a gas fireplace Long Island style into a home or rental property. Since gas fireplaces are as sensible as they are attractive, selecting one will not only increase the intimacy of a home, it can also serve as an attractive focal point in good design.

Gas fireplace options

Gas fireplaces come in three options:
• Inserts
• Build-in’s
• Log sets
Depending on the amount of heat required in a space, the first two options will offer the most heat, while the log sets offer the most ambiance. Once the type of gas fireplace is determined, it is next necessary to weigh the benefits of natural gas and propane.


Natural gas is a popular option for fireplaces because it is affordable and delivers more heat than propane. Propane, on the other hand, comes in handy for locations that natural gas simply isn’t available. Gas fireplaces are great since:
• They create a cozy feel without the dangers of wood burning
• They are convenient, with no attaining and managing firewood
• No smoke and soot to clean-up; and
• Can be controlled via remote
Selecting a gas fireplace allows for variable ambiance adjustment, enjoyable thermostat control and even L.E.D. accent lighting with battery back-up to ensure the fireplace will deliver heat in the event of a power outage.