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A comfortable, cozy fire – what’s more relaxing than sitting near a warm fireplace watching the fire slowly burn, colorful and bright? Fireplaces add so much intimacy to living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and family rooms.

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Modern vs. Traditional fireplaces in Long Island

Modern fireplaces typically have thin glass enclosures and sleek stone work that may or may not include a mantel. Smaller in size, these fireplaces turn into focal points because of the stonework surrounding them. Traditional fireplaces, on the other hand, have ornate mantels, wrought iron covers, and bigger hearths.
Both fireplaces add something special to any room in the home. When selecting a style, keep in mind the overall feeling of the room, wall size, and type of fuel used – either wood burning or gas fireplaces Suffolk depending on availability.
Modern fireplaces work in any room furnished with modern touches. The same goes for traditional fireplaces (when matched with more traditional décor). To update a traditional hearth, remove the mantel, replace with a smaller one, or paint the mantel to match the walls.

Decorating Fireplaces Long Island

Decorating Fireplaces Long Island

Natural stone surrounds can add even more depth to fireplaces. Keep décor surrounding fireplaces Suffolk to a minimum to highlight the fireplace itself. When in use, fireplaces become works of art. They become conversation pieces, add light and shadow to the room, and create a cozy atmosphere. Place a few objects on the mantel such as pictures or small pieces of art.
Rather than block the fireplace with furniture, keep the space in front free from objects. Instead, place an area rug on the floor with chairs nearby for sitting. Let the fireplace stand out in the room, even when not in use.